Your DNA is Not Your Destiny

Modern scientific research now indicates that our biology is not just driven by our DNA, but by the energetic messages from our positive and negative thoughts.

Thoughts and emotions are literally instructing our cells of our body to be healthy or unhealthy.

You should know that it’s not about the genetic cards we’ve been delt from our ancestors but more about how you play them – you’re in control!

The Mind-Body Connection

Our mind-body is like a beautiful symphony orchestra all playing together. The musical instruments: our body’s cells and atoms, and the conductor: our invisible mind instructing the instruments to play together to create beautiful music.

What tune is your body playing and could your conductor do with a tune up?

If we can turn on and off our genetic expression through thought then surely we can do more than that right??

By removing any mental patterns that are no longer serving you, Straighten Up Mind allows you to return to your natural center.

A way to re-pattern you mind and correct your physical structure all in one.

Re-architect your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self and watch your body follow.

Gain health, purpose and drive as your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self comes back into alignment.

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Straighten Up Mind Can Help With:

Breaking Negative Patterns

Breaking Negative Emotion Cycles

Creating Positive Thought Structure

Correcting Posture

Restoring Function In The Body


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