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Our clients present with different types of physical and emotional pains.
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Anxiety and Overwhelm


Neck and Shoulder Pain

Poor Energy and Sleep

Poor Posture

Back Pain and Sciatica

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A holistic approach to healing

At Straighten Up we understand the body and mind are not separate. Which is why we use a combination of methods during a treatment session to help clear both your physical and emotional stress.

This allows you to have a body that is free of pain, upright, and stable, and a mind that is clear, calm, and centered.

We utilise SCENAR therapy,  Sacred Geometry to realign the Mind and Spirit and a combination of gentle massage correction of the Atlas bone to work towards facilitating your wellbeing and good health.

The Straighten Up Process

Unwinding stress from the mind and body

You are designed to be naturally pain free, healthy, full of energy, and calm. But what goes wrong? 


Over time, physical knocks and bumps, and emotional stress can causes changes in your body's natural alignment. Both of these stressors gradually build up over time, until your body can no longer compensate. 

Pain, lack or energy, and high stress levels are signs your body has reached its capacity. 

At Straighten Up we help you to unwind both the physical and emotional stress that has built up in your body. This allows you to live a pain free life, experience vibrant energy, and feel calm and clear once more. 

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Meet your practitioner

James Korber 

James Korber is a therapist trained in atlas therapy, SCENAR technology, and other healing modalities. He’s been in practice for 14 years, and in that time has reengineered his vibrational tool and developed a sophisticated healing methodology to provide a gentle, non-manipulative style of treatment to realign the body and mind.

James offers this holistic approach and complete system to restore function from his North Sydney clinic.

Align your body and mind

Book a complimentary consultation with our practitioner James Korber to determine if the Straighten Up process is the right fit for you and your health goals. 

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Live without pain

We know how frustrating living with pain can be. It can be especially stressful when you have tried various methods to heal, yet none of them have given you lasting results.



Reduce the stress in your life

Your nervous system is what controls and regulates your stress levels. Pressure on your body and mind, can leave you feeling 'wired'. Our gentle and non-invasive treatment helps to calm your stressed nervous system. 

Renewed energy and purpose

Living without pain, and with a clear mind allows you to reconnect with your purpose and get back to doing what you love. All with boundless energy. 

The Straighten Up Process

Here is the process we use to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. 



In order to understand what your goals are and what you specifically need help with, we conduct a comprehensive clinical history and examination. 


Posture Photos

In order to make sure that we are making measurable changes in your body and mind, we utilise posture photos. With a reduced stress on your body and mind, posture improves. 



In order to make your care as efficient as possible, we explain our findings in a clear and concise manner without all the jargon. 


Tailored Treatment

No two people are the same, and no two treatments are the same. We ensure that we are creating a treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. 

Live a pain-free life

When you are able to live without pain, you are able to get back to doing what you love with energy and purpose. Book a complimentary consultation online today to see how we can help you. 

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This has been such a great experience with James! I always leave the room feeling a little more energetic, a little more renewed and a lot more centred in myself! I have also really noticed my tension headaches lessening and a feeling of lightness coming back along my head, neck and jaw as well! I highly recommend.
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